TRIRIGA® is what we specialize in and we do it perfectly...
TRIRIGA ® certified. World class support.
Lasting solutions. Maximum value.
TRIRIGA ® is our specialty and we do it best.
Simplify processes. Boost productivity.
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Better Data. Better Decisions.

TRESCOPE stands for TRIRIGA® Real  Estate Space COst and PEople.

TRESCOPE provides superior consulting, implementation, configuration, customization and integration of IBM® TRIRIGA® applications at a reasonable cost. We implement, maintain and troubleshoot environments to simplify the processes of data migration, reporting, integration, upgrade and test automation. We offer the full suite of TRIRIGA® solutions and configure them to help your business thrive. Our skilled experts specialize in assisting your business in its space management, capital project, real estate, facility maintenance or environmental performance needs.

Our expert staff is 100% TRIRIGA® certified.

Our Mission

Our purpose at TRESCOPE is to maximize the value of your investment by offering world-class solutions that meet and surpass all of your business requirements. Our certified team’s goal is to exceed your expectations with service that is second to none.

What TRIRIGA® Offers

A few of the amazing tasks it can do include but are not limited to:

  • Implementation – Configuration and customization
  • Data migration – Connect data from external systems.
  • Integration and reporting – To increase the operational and financial performance of your facilities.
  • Upgrades – Your industry is always changing. TRIRIGA changes with it.

IBM® TRIRIGA® Key Features

  1. Manage real estate and facilities
  2. Manage capital projects
  3. Space management
  4. Energy and environmental management
  5. Role-based configuration
  6. Automates processes and approvals
  7. Virtualize facilities, assets, resources and space
  8. Available on-premises

IBM® TRIRIGA® Security

Scale and adapt quickly to changing needs without ever compromising your security or privacy. No matter which service you end up going with, we configure it to protect your data. We design identity and access capabilities to strengthen compliance management while reducing risk.